hullo darlings 😉 im here to support you in any way that is needed. i know that right now, especially, many girls as well as boys are not confident in their bodies and would like to change it. and then, people who were formerly confident in their appearance, are now insecure about their appearance bc of our size zero society. im going to say that i am indeed a ‘victim’, i suppose you could say, of insecurities caused by our present world.

in short, im anorexic.

and whether you are bulimic or anorexic, i need you to know that you are not alone. there are thousands of people like you who are confused an uncomfortable about how they look. but i have been told that it gets better one way or another, so ive chosen to believe that, and you should, too. there are many ways to get thin, i am aware. i just want to be thin. as a result i have lost almost one stone in just three weeks.

this blog was created to inspire all who are in this state of mind at the moment. to inspire all of you to go on with your search of happiness. my only forewarning is, please, do not hurt yourself. im being hypocritical, but if you can stay away from that cheesecake instead of gobbling it down and purging it up, then do that alternative. it is extremely dangerous to binge and purge. i tried purging once – trust me, it is not my thing at all. and im a singer, too, so it would be best not to purge anyway.

welcome to my world.

welcome to my struggles.

welcome to my heart. ❤